Madam Rides the Bus class 10 NCERT Solutions

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Madam Rides the Bus: The lesson is very important for the class 10th students. This lesson of class 10th English first book ‘The first flight’. The questions that have more possibilities for the final exam are solved here. Read the lesson without scaping the single paragraph. All English notes of the ncert and jcert books are available here. 

Madam Rides the bus summary

This is a touching story centered on an eight-year-old girl’s enlightening bus ride to town. Valli is an eight-year-old village kid. There is no one of her the same age in her street. She spends the majority of her time in front of the entrance of her home. She constantly observes what is going on outside from the front of the house. A bus connects Valli’s village as well as the nearest town. It runs through Valli’s streets each hour. The desire for revenge is strong in Valli’s heart. She would like to get experience on the bus even if it’s just for a single time.

Valli is the star of her show, making plans. For a long time take all the data she can regarding the bus. Valli discovers that the bus will take 45 minutes to get to the town. So if she took the one o’clock bus at the end of the afternoon she would return home by forty-five. Also, she learns that the cost for a one-way trip to town was 30 pence.

Valli will save every dollar she can to pay for her trip. Finally, on a beautiful spring day, she boarding the bus. The bus driver offered to assist her in getting on the bus however, Valli declares that she is not a child, and she can manage herself. The bus arrives at the beginning of the day and Valli takes in all the sights that she can see on the road. To ensure the best view, she sits from her seat.

Class 10 English Solutions

A senior woman calls to her to settle down, however, Valli does not like being told. She claims that she’s not a child and she has paid for her fare of thirty pence. In a joke, the conductor starts calling her madam. Then, a young animal is running at a high speed right in the direction of the vehicle. Its tail is high up in the sky. It is an entertaining sight. She is happy to clap her hands in joy and happiness.

Finally, the bus arrives in the town. The passengers all get off the bus, however, Valli continues to sit on the back of the bus. There are only thirty dollars on her back for her return trip. The conductor is offered a Coldrink for Valli but she says no to buying a drink. It’s an appropriate time for buses to go off. There aren’t many people in the coach. Valli is given her ticket for the return journey, and the bus departs.

It’s the same stunning sights out there. Valli isn’t bored at all. She is astonished to see an unborn cow lying dead along the roadside. It’s exactly the cow Valli saw while traveling to town. It was, however, dead. It was a horrifying sight. The enthusiasm of Valli has gone. She’s not attracted by the world outside. She is glued to her seat for the rest of the trip.

The bus stops at the village of Valli. Valli takes off and runs straight to her house. She finds her mother talking to her aunt. The two ladies don’t pay attention to Valli. They clearly have no clue about the toddler’s excursion to town.

Madam Rides the bus Questions Answers

Ques: What was Valli’s favorite pastime?
Ans: Valli was alone at home with her mother. She did not have any friends, so standing at the doorway, she used to see the outside views and enjoyed it. It was the most pleasant moment.

Ques: What was a source of unending joy for Valli? What was her strongest

Ans: Valli was very happy to see the passenger. The roads going to the city passed near Worli’s house. Valli was very happy seeing the new sets of passengers of buses passing through these roads. The arrival and departure of the new passenger of the bus was an unending source of happiness for Valli.

Ques: What did Valli find out about the bus journey? How did she find out
these details?

Ans: Valli gathered a lot of information about the bus trip such as Bus fire, the distance of the city from the village and the time taken for the travel. She listened carefully to the neighbours talking about the bus journey. She also asked the necessary information for the journey.

Class 10th English Questions Answers

Ques: What do you think Valli was planning to do?
Ans: Valli wanted to ride a bus once. She was interested in the bus journey to the town. She was planning to go to the city from his village by bus. 

Ques: Why does the conductor call Valli ‘madam’?
Ans: Valli was a little girl but her behavior was like a woman. When he told the conductor that she did not want his help. Then the conductor called her with a joke. 

Ques: Why does Valli stand up on the seat? What does she see now?
Ans: Valli was getting problems in viewing out of the window. That’s why he stood up in his seat so that he could see the outside view. He was enjoying a lot of viewing out. She was looking at the hills, sky, green plains.

Ques: Why didn’t Valli want to make friends with the elderly woman?
Ans: Vallie did not want to befriend that old woman. That old woman was looking very dirty. And She was chewing the betel. Vallie did not like all this.

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