Mijbil the Otter class 10 NCERT Solutions

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Mijbil the Otter class 10: The lesson has taken from class 10 Book First Flight. It is a very important chapter. JAC board students must read it. We especially work for the students of the Jharkhand academic council Ranchi board. The chapter has been solved as per the new updated syllabus. We discuss the short summary of the lesson then we solve the Important questions. Let’s start:

Mijbil the Otter class 10 Short summary

The story begins with the writer taking a trip to Basra along with his friend. Eventually, in their trip, the author shares his option to tame an “Otter” because, after the death of his pet dog, he was very upset. His friend encouraged him that he needs to take one from the Marshes along the river Tigris in Iraq. As they reached the location, they found that just the close friend’s mail had shown up.

After some days, the friend left whilst the author is still waiting for his mail. After receiving it, he most likely to his room to uncover an otter (introduced to him in a sack), accompanied by the help of Arabs with a message. He called the otter Mijbil. It spent some time for Mij to get aware of his environment. Mij cherished having fun with water and found out to open the faucet himself. The time is passing efficiently in Basra, nonetheless, now it was time to return to London.

As British airlines did not permit animals, so, he had to reserve some other trip that allowed Mij on a flight, yet in a box. The narrator put him in a box an hour prior to the flight in as well as left for eating. As he returns, he located that box was still as well as Mij had produced openings and destroyed the inner cellular lining. Because of this, blood was appearing in the holes. He became scared and also hurried to the airport terminal as its only ten minutes left for the flight to take off. He hurried to the airport. 

Additionally, he clarified the entire case to the air person hosting that recommended him to maintain the container on his lap. Gavin was appreciative of her compassion towards him. As quickly as he opened up the container, the otter leaped out and disappeared thus developing the disorder in the trip. Guests had been fearful. The air person hosting had taken him once more to Gavin and also at some point, they reached London.

Mij liked ping-pong spheres as well as marbles. He even developed entertainment with the storyteller’s busted bag. The author took him on to stroll as well as people of London had wild guesses about the animal. A few people think him to be a baby seal, squirrel, or possibly a hippo. Miraculous surprising feedback originated from a laborer excavating the hole that asked the author, “what’s that purported to be?”

Mijbil the Otter class 10 Important Questions Answers

Ques: What ‘experiment’ did Maxwell think Camusfearna would be
suitable for?

Ans: The author was feeling lonely when his pet dog died. When he discussed the matter with his friend, he suggested having an Otter. It is very easy to maintain. An otter likes water so he wanted to do an experiment to have an otter. Camusfearna was surrounded by water so he should it would be the best for his experiment.

Ques: Why does he go to Basra? How long does he wait there, and why?
Ans: The author went to Basra to visit Consulate General to receive an important mail. But the mail did not arrive. He had to wait five days for it. Finally, after five days he got it.

Ques: What happened when the box was opened?
Ans: The author opened the box to see the Mij. As he opened the box Mij came out actively and disappeared in the plane. He ran after it to find it quickly. The passenger was very afraid of it. They started shouting. Finally, the air hostess helped him. 

Ques: Why does Maxwell say the air hostess was “the very queen of her kind”?
Ans: Maxwell says the air hostess was “the very queen of her kind” because she was friendly and careful. When the author tells him about the animal he allowed him to keep the box with him on his knee. Once the animal disappeared in the plane but the air hostess helped to find it. 

Ques: How was Mij to be transported to England?
Ans: British airline did not allow animals in the plane so he booked the ticked of other flight. But there is a condition that he had to pack the animal in a box. The author arranged a box for Mij. He put it in the box safely and brought it to England.

Ques: 2. What did Mij do to the box?
Ans: When Mij packed in the box, it tried to get out from it. It wounded itself and set silently. When the author recheck the box he found it was bleeding. He managed it suddenly and hurried to the airport. 

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