The Hundred Dresses class 10 NCERT Solutions Part 2

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The Hundred Dresses chapter has been taken from the NCERT Book of class 10. The lesson has two parts. Here we discuss part 2 of the lesson. Part 1, I have already published, you can read from the menu or link that has been given at the end of the Article. is only the website that provides you simplest notes for your examination. Read the summary first and then read the Important questions and answers.

The Hundred Dresses Part 2 Summary

The lesson starts with Wanda’s father’s letter. Her father sent a letter to the school. In the letter, he wrote, they moved to a big city. The city they liked because there no one makes fun of Wanda’s name. The class teacher read the letter before the class. Hearing this, all the class was shocked and realized their mistakes. 

Maddie felt guilty because she could not protect Wanda from Peggy. She became upset and did not focus on her study. She wanted to meet Wanda to apologize for her mistakes wanted to tell her she would always stand with her. So, she decided to go to her house to tell her that she has won the prize. After completing school time Maddie and Peggy went to Boggins Heigh to meet her.

But they could not meet Wanda because they had already left the place. Peggy and Maddie both tried to communicate with Wanda by letter but they did not get any reply. On Christmas day, Miss Meson received a letter from Wanda. She wished Merry Christmas to all the girls. Then, she wrote that the girls could keep those hundred dresses as a Christmas gift because She had made a hundred dress new ones. Peggy and Maddie were gifted special best ones. 

Maddie imagined herself in the drawing whenever she saw the picture. She hurried to Peggy’s house, and talked about it, and asked her to see too. Whenever Maddie remember about Wanda, she could not stop her tears. The story tells us some things we can not correct so we think about every stapes that we take. 

The Hundred Dresses Part 2 Questions Answers

Ques: Who won the drawing competition?
Ans: Wanda won the drawing competition. She drew a hundred dresses. All were beautiful and in different colors. Everyone thought Peggy would win the competition but when they enter the class, they were surprised to see the picture of dresses. All were very happy, even Peggy and Maddie prized her drawings.

Ques: Why was all the class became upset to read the letter?
Ans: Wanda’s father sent a letter to the class teacher. In the letter, he wrote he moved to a new city. Wanda would not come to school then.  He also wrote, in the city, no one make her fun, and called her name funny because many funny names were there. After hearing this, all students became sad. They realized Wanda left school just because of them and their rudeness toward her.

Ques: Why did Peggy and Maddie go to Boggins Height?
Ans: Maddie and Peggy felt sorry knowing that Wanda left school because of them. They wanted to make her friend. They decided to tell her that she won the competition in order to please her. Truly, they were making fun of Wanda to feel some pleasure but they never wanted to hurt her. They wanted to clarify these things so they visited Boggins Height.

Ques: What did Meddie and Peggy do when not finding Wanda at her home?
Ans: Meddie and Peggy wrote many letters to Wanda so that they could communicate with her. But they did not get any answers. On Christmas day, Wanda wrote a letter to the school. Everyone was excited to hear that. The class teacher read the letter to the class. In the letter, Wanda wished happy Christmas to all and asked their friends to keep the drawings as a gift. She also accepts that she is not angry with anyone. 

Ques: Who was Meddie?
Ans: Meddie was a schoolgirl. She was Peggy’s best friend. She was kind-hearted. When Peggy used to make fun of Wanda for her poverty, she did not like it. Bus she had not enough courage to go against Peggy. Even Maddie belonged to a poor family. She knew if she took Wanda’s side, she might be losing her best friend, and she would be the next target of Peggy. 

Ques: What is the moral of the story?
Ans: The author tells about the human tendency that how a human hurt others to feel self-pleasure. Our fun can be the cause the destruction of others’ happiness. We should not play with others’ emotions. In the story, we see if Peggy would have not made fun of Wanda, she could have studied in the same school together. But Peggy’s fun forced Wanda’s family to leave the city.

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