The Hundred Dresses class 10 NCERT Solutions Part 1

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The Hundred Dresses is a short story. The author of this story is El Bsor Ester. The story is divided into two parts. Here we will study part 1 of the story and we solve some important questions. All these questions are very important for the final Examinations. We took the help from the NCERT book of class 10 to write these notes.

The Hundred Dresses Summary Part 1

The Story the hundred Dress is about a polish girl named Wanda Petronski and her classmates, Peggy and Madeline. They always make fun of her to feel some pleasure. Wanda Petronski was a Polish immigrant, and she had come to America with her family. She went to a school of American students. her name was not simple in calling like other American students, so they mock her.

She belongs to a poor polish family. She comes to school wearing the same dress every day. The dress was faded blue in color but it is clean. She sits in the back branches where other wicked and weak students sit. She was not one of them but she sites there because her shoes is caked with mud. She wants to hide them. She comes to school wearing the same dress though she claims she hundred dress. Peggy is the best friend of Maddie and she is the most famous girl in the school. 

Peggy and Maddie always play a game with the other friends. They gathered in one place and asked Wanda how many dresses does she have. When Wanda answer that she has 100 dress and all are beautiful, all start to mock her. Peggy and Maddie wait for Wanda to make her fun on the way to school. Maddie does not want to support Peggy but she does not have the courage to stand against her. She is afraid to be targeted by Peggy and my be she lose her friendship. She asked her why she make fun of Wanda. She replies why does Wanda say that she has a hundred dresses in her closet.

The mystery about the hundred dresses comes on the drawing competition day. The room is decorated with beautiful drawings of dresses. All are in different colors. All are surprised to see the dress and realized the theory about the hundred dresses. He realized their mistakes and felt sorry. 

The Hundred Dresses Questions Answers

Ques: Who was Wanda Petronski?
Ans: Wanda Petronski was a polish girl. She was an immigrant who came to America with her family. She lived at Boggins Heights. She came to school alone and returned alone. She had no friends. Peggie and Maddie always made fun of her. She talked very little and did not angry with them.

Ques: Where did wad live? How was the place?
Ans: Wanda lived at Boggins Heights. The place was far from the city and it was an undeveloped area. The roads were not in good condition and were always filled with mud. Wanda’s shoes were always caked with mud. 

Ques: Why did Wanda sit on the backbenches?
Ans: Wanda came to school from Boggins Heights. It was a rural area. The roads were not cleaned. Her feet were caked with mud. He wanted to hide them. So, she set at the backbenches in the classroom. He wanted to avoid being a part of the fun of others. 

Ques: Why did Wanda not have any friends?
Ans: Wanda belonged to a poor family and talked very little. Peggy was the most famous girl in the school. She always mocked Wanda. No one had the courage to go against Peggy. So, Wanda did not have any friends.

Ques: How did Peggy make fun of Wanda?
Ans: Peggy always told Maddie to ake Wanda how many dresses did she have. When Wanda replied that she had a hundred dresses, all were in a different beautiful color, and all were in her closet, they start to mock her to feel some pleasure. It was the best time pass for Peggy but Maddie did not like it. She did not want to lose her friend so she never stand against Peggy. 

Ques: Did Wanda have a hundred dresses? What do you think?
Ans: Yes, Wanda had a hundred dresses. All were beautiful and in different colors but in real. They were drawings that were kept in her closet. When she replied that she had a hundred dresses, she was talking about the drawings. She did not tell a lie but Peggy and Maddie did not understand her.

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