The Necklace class 10 Summary with Question Answers

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The Necklace class 10: This is a short story. The author of this is Guy De Maupassant was a French novelist and the master of short story writing. This story has been derived from the 2nd book or class 10th ‘Footprints without feet.’ It’s chapter 7. We will read short summary first then we will solve some important questions for the Final examinations. 

The Necklace class 10 Summary

The necklace is a French short story written by the famous short writer Guy De Maupassant. This story is about a young and pretty lady named Matilde Loisel. Matilde is a beautiful lady but unhappy because she wanted a luxurious life and loved by a rich man but as she was a daughter of a poor clerk and her father had no dowry so she allowed herself to marry a poor clerk, named M Loisel, in the office of the board of education.

One day M Loisel and her wife both were invited to the minister’s ball. As she had neither a proper dress nor Jewellery for the party so she did not want to go. Then her husband bought a beautiful dress for 400 francs, which he saved to buy a gun, and suggested borrowing some jewelry from her convent school rich friend Madame Forestier. She did as her husband said, she borrowed a diamond necklace from her.

She was the most beautiful woman at the party. Everyone praised her beauty. She enjoyed the party till 4 a.m and returned home. As they returned home they were terribly surprised because the diamond necklace was missing, they tried to find everyone but they couldn’t succeed. so they wrote a letter to Madame Forestier that a clasp of the necklace has been broken so they will return it after repair. In the meantime, they went to the police to ask for help and also published an advertisement in the newspaper. But still, the necklace was not found so they decided to replace it with a similar diamond necklace. They got a similar diamond necklace in a shop for 36000 francs. 18000 francs were his ancestral money and the rest of them borrowed from money lander. After this incident, they had to live a miserable life and this life lasted for ten years.

One day while walking on the street she found her friend Mme Forestier, she greeted her good morning and narrated the whole story of how she lost her diamond necklace and got another diamond necklace to return her. Her friend shocked her by telling her that her necklace was made of false diamond and only worth 500 francs.

The Necklace Question Answer Class 10

Ques: What kind of person is Mme Loisel? Why is she always unhappy?
Ans: Mme Loisel is a type of woman who always daydreams about luxurious life. She is always unhappy because she thinks that she is born for all luxurious things. But instead of it, she has to live in an apartment which walls are shabby, cranky furniture, old clothes made her unhappy.

Ques: What kind of a person is M Loisel? 
Ans: M Loisel is a loving and caring husband. He always praises her wife and her works, though those are good or bad. He was a hard-working employee. He worked overtime for ten years to pay the loan, that he took to replace the diamond necklace.

Ques: What fresh problem now disturbs Mme Loisel?
Ans: After getting the dress now the problem was that she did have not any jewelry for the ball. So she was upset. But her husband came with an idea that she should help her friends.

Ques: How is the problem solved? 
Ans: M Loisel suggested she borrow some jewelry from her friend, Mme Forestier. Mme Loisel borrowed a diamond necklace from her. Thus the problem was solved. She became the most admirable woman at the ball. Everyone looked at her and praised her beauty.

Ques: What do M and Mme Loisel do next? 
Ans: After losing the necklace they tried to find it everywhere but it was nowhere. So they went to the police and also gave an advertisement in the newspapers that if someone finds the necklace they can return it to him.

Ques: How do they replace the necklace? 
Ans: They replaced a similar diamond necklace for 36,000 francs. The 18,000 francs were M Loisel’s ancestral money and the rest of, them borrowed from money lander.

Ques: What was the surprise ending of the story ‘the necklace?’
Ans: When Matilda met her friend in the street while walking, her friend did not recognize her appearance. She told her about the whole story. Her life completely changed because of the diamond necklace. She was surprised when her friend told that it was not made of the real diamond.

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