The Tsunami Class 8 Important Questions and Answers

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The Tsunami Class 8: It is the story that has been taken from NCERT book class 8. Here are only the important questions solved the may be asked in the final examinations. We planned to solve important MCQ questions at the first. After that, Some fill-in blanks and at the end most important questions. 

The Tsunami
Class 8,  Chapter -2
NCERT solution 

The Tsunami story is based on the biggest natural disaster that happened in 2004. During the disaster, there was a lot of devastation in the Andaman and Nicobar Deep Group of Thailand and India. This disaster caused massive destruction in Thailand and the Andaman and Nicobar Deep Group of India.

In this disaster, the same tragedy that happened to the families living in these places has been shown. The scene and information of this real incident are given in detail on Google and YouTube, you can use all these things to understand this chapter.

Answers to Multiple Choice Questions from this Chapter.

Q.1. When the tsunami caused huge destruction in Thailand and Andaman and Nicobar

(a) On 26 December 2003
(b) On 26 December 2004
(c) On 26 December 2005
(d) On 26 December 2006

Q.2. Which state of India was affected by the Tsunami of 2004?

(a) Gujrat
(b) Utter Pradesh
(c) Tamil Nadu
(d)  Kolkata

Q.3. Who was Sanjeev?

(a) a policeman
(b) a leader
(c) a doctor
(d) none of these

Q.4. How old was Meghna?

(a) Twelve
(b) Thirteen
(c) Fourteen
(d) Seventeen

Q.5. How old was Almas Javed?

(a) nine years old
(b) ten years old
(c) eight years old
(d) none of these

Q.6. Where did Almas Javed study?

(a) Carmel Convent
(b) DAV School
(c) St. Jeviours 
(d) None of these

Q.7. What festival was the Smith family celebrating?

(a) Christmas
(b) New Year
(c) Independence day
(d) none of these

Q.8. Name the girl who saved many lives in Thailand during Tsunami.

(a) Almas Javed
(b) Rahila
(c) Meghna
(d) Tilly Smith

Q.9. What was the cause of the tsunami in 2004?

(a) earthquake
(b) flood 
(c) volcanic eruptions
(d) storm

Q.10. Andaman and Nicobar Deep Group is a part of which country?

(a) Thailand
(b) India
(c) Myanmar
(d) China

Ans: 1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b, 5-b, 6-a, 7-a, 8-d, 9-a, 10-b

Fill in the blanks- The Tsunami class 8

  1. Almas Javed had a                          . ( factory/petrol pump)
  2. Ignesious was the                       of a cooperative society in Katchall. (manager/employee)
  3. The Smith family was celebrating                    at a beach resort in southern Thailand. (Christmas/new year)
  4. The animals possess a                  of when the earth is going to shake. (sixth sense/seventh sense)
  5. The Yala National Park in                        is home to a variety of animals. (Sri Lanka/Thailand)

Ans: 1- petrol pump, 2-manager, 3-Christmas, 4- sixth sense, 5-Sri Lanka

Say whether the following are true or false.

1. Ignesious lost his wife, two children, his father-in-law, and his brother-in-law in the tsunami.
2. Sanjeev made it to safety after the tsunami.
3. Meghna was saved by a relief helicopter.
4. Almas’s father realized that a tsunami was going to hit the island.
5. Her mother and aunts have washed away with the tree that they were holding on to.

Ans: 1-true, 2-false, 3-false, 4-true, 5-true

Important Questions Answer of The Tsunami Class 8

Ques: Why did Tilly’s family come to Thailand?
Ans: Tilly Smith was a ten-year-old schoolgirl. Her family from South-East England came to celebrate Christmas at a beach resort in southern Thailand. 

Ques: What were the warning signs that both Tilly and her mother saw?
Ans: Tilly and her mother saw the sea slowly rise, and start to foam, bubble, and form whirlpools. Seeing all these, they understood that some accident was about to happen. She read about tsunamis in his geography class and learned about their causes. 

Ques: Do you think Tilly’s mother was alarmed by them?
Ans: Tilly’s mother did not know anything about the arrival of the tsunami but seeing her daughter screaming, she moved away with her family to the beach. 

Ques: Where had Tilly seen the sea behaving in the same strange fashion?
Ans: Tilly had seen the strange sea behavior in a video. Her geography teacher had shown her class the video and told them that tsunamis can be caused by earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides.

Ques: Where did the Smith family and the others on the beach go to escape from the tsunami?
Ans: Smith family and the others on the beach went to the third floor of the hotel where they stayed. Thus, they saved their lives. If they had stayed on the beach, they would not have been alive.

Ques: How do you think her geography teacher felt when he heard about what Tilly had done in Phuket?
Ans: The teacher felt very proud and was very much satisfied that the knowledge imparted by him saved many lives. 

Ques: How are Meghna and Almas’s stories similar?
Ans: The story of Meghna and Almas is similar, both are affected by the tsunami. The family members of both died due to the tsunami. Luckily, they were saved but they became an orphan.

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