Two Stories about Flying class 10 NCERT Solutions

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Two Stories about Flying the lesson has taken from Class 10th NCERT Book ‘His First Flight’. It has two different stories in the lesson. The first one is His first Flight and the second one The Black Aeroplane. We cover both stories in one article. We tried to make it simple for the students. Read the short summary then copy the Important Questions Answers.

Both stories have their own importance for the reader. The author tried to convey a deep message to us. We will read the summaries one by one and try to understand them. It would help us to solve all the questions easily. Two stories about flying the lesson are very easy and simple. Share it with your friends and classmates. 

His first flight short summary: Two Stories about Flying

The story is about a baby bird and its flight. His name is Seagull. The seagull is a kind of bird that lived near the sea. It likes to eat fish. The seagull has a family of six members. His two brothers a sister flew away a day before. He left at his ledge. His parents persuaded and scrolled him to fly. He takes a short run but arriving at the end of the ledge, he stops. He is afraid to fly. He is afraid to fly. 

His parents decide not to feed him till he fly. He is hungry for the last 24 hours at his ledge. He just watches his brothers and sister’ fish hunting and learning flying skills. He cried for food but no one pay attention to him. His mother was watching him. An Idea came into her mind, she took a piece of a fish and flew towards him. Seeing that, the young seagull started jumping with joy. 

His mother halted a litter far from the ledge. Seagull was very hungry, he dived at the fish without seeing the space. He became to fall into the space with screaming. But he felt, his wings were spreading and his falling speed became slow. Then he flapped his wings and started flying. Finally, the young seagull made his first flight. His family appreciated him. 

His First Flight Questions Answers Class 10

Ques: Who is the author of “his first flight”? 
Ans: Liam O’ Flaherty is the author of the story ” His First Flight”.

Ques: why was the young seagull afraid to fly?
Ans: The young seagull was afraid to fly because he felt certain that his wings would never support him. Moreover, he was also scared to see the sea around him. He was afraid that he would fall down into the sea. 

Ques: why did the seagull’s father and mother threaten him and cajole him to fly?
Ans: The young seagull’s father and mother threaten him and cajole him to fly Because they were worried about him. They thought that if he will not fly he will starve to death. Moreover, he will not able to see the outside world.

Ques: What is the message of “His First Flight”?
Ans: The message of the story “His First Flight” is about self-confidence and courage. We must have self-confidence otherwise our situation also will be like the young seagull.

Ques: How many brothers and sisters young seagull have?
Ans: The young seagull has two brothers and one sister. They flew away a day before. 

The Black Aeroplane Summary: Two Stories about Flying

This story is about a pilot and his flight adventure. In the starting, the pilot tells about the weather, the sky was clear, stars were twinkling and he was flying his old Dakota. The Dakota was his jet. He was very happy that day because he was going to English to have an English breakfast with his family. He started his journey from France. He contacted the Paris control room and asked the direction. 

Everything was fine. He was feeling relaxed. The city light under the plane was soothing him. Suddenly he saw a black cloud in front of him. It was dangerous for him to pass through the cloud. It was a stormy that might be the cause of an accident. He had not enough fuel in his plane to fly. He left Paris 150 km behind. So, he neither can go back nor take the other route. He entered the stormy cloud. He was not able to see anything. Everywhere darkness had appeared. He could see nothing.

He was afraid. He tried to contact to control room but the radio was not working. The compass wasn’t showing the correct direction. The Aeroplane became out of control of him. Suddenly, he saw another black Aeroplane was flying with him. He could see the pilot clearly. He was waving his hand. The narrator understood his indication and flowed him as an obedient child. After some time, he came out from the storm.

He safely landed the plane at the airport. He hurried to the control room to ask about the other airplane that was flying with him in the storm. The receptionist was a lady she was surprised to hear his talks. She informed the narrator only he was flying the storm. There were no other Aeroplanes were flying that night. The narrator wanted to tank the pilot but left the place surprisingly. 

The Black Aeroplane Questions Answers Class 10

Ques: Who is the author of the story “Black Aeroplane”?
Ans: Frederick Forsyth is the writer of the story “Black Aeroplane”.

Ques: What is the name of the Aeroplane that is mentioned in the story?
Ans: The name of the Aeroplane that is mentioned in the story is “Dakota DS 088”.

Ques: What risk did the pilot take?
Ans: Going through the storm was the risk that the pilot took. The pilot knew that he could not fly up and over them, and he had not enough fuel to fly around them to the north or south. He left Paris 150 km behind. So he could not go back. 

Ques: Why did the pilot take the risk?
Ans: The pilot took the risk because he wanted to go to England to have an English breakfast and enjoy some time with his family. He did want to miss this opportunity of having a nice holiday with the family. 

Ques: Which instruments were not working?
Ans: First of all the Compass stopped working and then the radio was also dead and then others. Everything got dead. He lost control of the Aeroplane.

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